Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Friday - Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me!

I may not love everything about the NBC Universal news organization but I love me a Week in Pictures. Take, for instance, my main man from Malta (below) celebrating the feast of his town's patron saint.

Come on, he's great!
I'm eat drink something...I love him.

Of course many Week in Pictures' images do not capture celebrations; some even depict horrible devastation. And while it may be the lazy man's answer to reading the world news on a regular basis, the Week in Pictures always makes me stop and think.

There is a great big universe in motion around us every moment of every day. Never mind what may or may not be happening in neighboring galaxies...makes my head spin just thinking about it.

I can only regain my equilibrium by turning my lens inward.

So, I bring you the first ever Photo Friday a.k.a. news and views from a little place I call home.

Stitch about to partake in his favorite treat: "The Gas Stick", named thus for implicit reasons. 

If they aren't identical, just how did these dental stars align on Tuesday?

A beautiful sentiment from a dear friend for all of my friends near and far.

Vince playing "baby" with his cousin:

"Who are you sending that picture to, mommy?"

"Oh, nobody that knows your friends. Don't worry."

And The Highlight:
The boys started their first journals this week -
both at home and at school.
I told them they could write and draw whatever they want in there,
except curse words, because I'm a practicing hypocrite. 

See you next Phriday...I mean Friday!