Friday, February 5, 2016

Lucky 13 + 3

I originally wrote this wedding day highlight list three years ago on our 13th wedding anniversary, hence, a “Lucky 13” list. I decided to resurrect the post when my mother-in-law reminded me that all of our wedding photos are in storage for this, our 16th wedding anniversary.
On this day, thirteen years ago:

 1. Two of the bridesmaids wore tuxes;

 2. The flower girl didn’t make it all the way down the aisle;

 3. The bride was so verklempt she could barely say her vows and half the congregation thought she got cold feet;

 4. The best man forgot the ring and the bride laughed out loud on the pulpit, much to the groom's dismay;

 5.  The cheesy DJ got bitch-slapped by a bridesmaid;

 6. The other best man (brother of the groom) brought the house down with his speech;

 7. The bridesmaids reminisced about crank-calling, TP-ing, egging, and ding-dong ditching in their speeches;

 8. The groom sipped scotch from a wine glass on the dance floor;

 9. The bride clung to her father for dear life on the dance floor;

 10. The mother of the bride’s best friend fell on her ass, also on the dance floor;

 11. The maid of honor (sister of the bride) did the walk of shame through the hotel lobby the next morning (still in her bridesmaid’s dress and her parents and all the out of town guests who were eating breakfast in the hotel saw her);

 12. The bride looked around the room and saw everyone she loved looking back at her;

 13. Then looked into her groom’s eyes and just knew.

 Man, I wish we could do it again!  

Thanks again for a great party, Mom and Dad!

And thanks for a great life, Dogger!