Monday, May 20, 2013

Better than Butterfat

I spent my last full day in Germany essentially mainlining butterfat.
Berlin makes the best croissants. 


If you don't believe me, just ask my sister-in-law.  She said they were even better than what France is bringing to the table.  While I have never eaten a croissant in a café in Paris, I am confident, based exclusively on the half-dozen croissants I threw down my neck on May 3, that Berlin is best.  And I am also confident, based on the assorted cookies and chocolates I enjoyed throughout my 10 day journey through the country, that it all comes down to one, key ingredient: The Butterfat.

Yes, I had a little down-time to read the ingredients on packages while sitting on the charter bus and the planes.

I have been home two weeks now.  I have been asked by family, friends and even acquaintances on the little league field:

“So how was the big Europe trip?”

“How was Germany?”

“Did you have a nice time on your trip?

Over and over again.

It was a complicated trip, including six days with a bunch of 20 year-olds, so it’s been a complicated answer.  Now that I have had the chance to squeeze my children tightly, hold my husband’s hand, sleep, recover from the jet-lag, and ultimately gain some much-needed perspective, I know the real answer:

The very best part, even better than all the butterfat, was hearing the excitement in my husband’s voice in the moment I called him to say I had caught an earlier connecting flight home in Newark.  As I clumsily hurried through the aisle of the plane with my rolling bag behind me and my cellphone pressed to my ear, I told Jeff that he and the boys should plan to arrive at the airport to pick me up a couple hours earlier.  This was his response:

“That’s so great, baby!  I can’t wait to see you.  Wait.  Hang on, honey.”

(To the boys.)  

“Guys, mommy is coming home early!!!  We’re going to go get her at the airport BEFORE dinner!”

(Then the boys, in unison.)


(Then Jeff, to me.)

“Ok, I’m back.  I love you, baby.  I really am excited to see you.  Have a safe flght!  Text me the flight number when you get to your seat.”
"I will.  I love you guys."

It was nice to know that after 13 years of marriage and two kids, we still had the capacity to literally count the hours until we saw one another again. 


noun \-fat\

: the natural fat of milk and chief constituent of butter consisting essentially of a mixture of glycerides (as butyrin, olein, and palmitin); also known as Heaven.